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Actually, Mono was in a relationship with PN and I. Not really monogamous with me at all by my account. It could be seen that way anyway. I came as a package deal for him. That package is no longer as I move into just being me and doing my thing. It's threatening for him apparently. Huge feelings going on about what his role is now in my life. He feels his responsibility is bigger. To me nothing has changed there.

Life is quiet and full of moments of intense discussion and emotion.... I await doors opening and change to occur with a sense of wonder and patient contentment right now. I'm not clinging to once was as much. Those in my life tell me they have noticed the difference. I remain as in contact and available as I can be to people but I suspect it's just weird for others. I don't know maybe I just feel weird.

Home life is good. I enjoy my routines. I've included new ones just for me and enjoy those too. Its just my sense of inwardness and pulling away to look after me going on really right now... that and repeating the same things over and over again until something solidifies or I come out of my confusion about what happems next. I'm sure I will post once I figure it out.
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