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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
We are taking the discussion of publicly insulting the fundamental integrity of a major group of humanity to private message now?
That's because we are required to maintain a sanitized environment for the public newbies. If there is too much discussion, it might lead to an exchange of ideas, which might lead to some wank in the short-term, which would screw up the poly-journeys of countless innocent bystanders.

That's just MY theory. I can't PROVE it.

The thing about the hypocrite was about whether doing hypocritical behaviours "makes" someone "a hypocrite", or just an imperfect human being who occasionally contradicts themselves in words and/or actions. Also, whether pointing out that someone "behaved in a hypocritical way" is an "ad hominem" (it is NOT) and therefore (I'm paraphrasing) constitutes "towing [sic] the line" when it comes to the rules of this forum.

Myself, I quit Sunday School when I was 11. I have no use for this ^ anymore.

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