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Originally Posted by gorgeouskitten View Post

Here's the thing, Ive been looking forward to getting to do this together for a while, since we only go out once a week, spendign the night will be so relaxing but I was not expecting to feel so conflicted about it. Im worried my spouse is going to be upset, even though he seems fine with it, and im just feeling kind of badly for going for reasons I cant even pin down, like I should go home to spouse and kids instead of enjoying a night with BF. Even though its only one night.

Anyone else experience this? i feel like im being a little nutty :/
Guilt is such a useless emotion and women seem to traffic in it so frequently when they are getting what they desire/need.

Go, enjoy it. Your spouse may be upset, but you staying at home will not deal with that underlying issue, it will prolong it. If he is upset, then think about it as a chance for the two of you to work on those feelings and grow. If he's not, avoid the thought some people have of "oh, he doesn't care" and be comforted by the fact that your spouse is dealing with his own feelings in a positive way. If you and BF have been honest and respectful, really try not to focus on his wife. Let him do that work.

Have fun!
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