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Originally Posted by london View Post
Hey, I'm also on the autistic spectrum. What you have to realise about NTs are that they are largely illogical. I pay very little attention to anything they day because it's usually founded on lies. Usually they lite to themselves. Anywho, poly people are no better than mono people, at all. It just gives some people a false sense of security when they believe their lifestyle means they are more evolved and enlightened. NTs are here to make is giggle, make sure one makes you laugh everyday.

This made me giggle. It just made me think about neurotypical folks differently, as outsiders, and how we might look like this utterly bizarre, random tribe.

I am curious why you think NTs lie all the time? Is it the social grease aspect of 'little white lies'? Or something else? Please reply by PM so we don't hijack DarkDuality's thread.
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