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Do you read? I mean do you LIKE to read.

Check out some books.

Some of the "thinking" has NOTHING to do with romantic relationships PER SE. Its just growing.

I only JUST started it, but there is one page on my blog you might look at (it's my muffled thoughts on what we believe). It's messy-disorganized, as I said, I just started AND am teaching myself how to set it up.
But it can't hurt you to look at it, look at.. it's concepts we can live by... then polyamory I believe (I'm going from memory as I'm not logged in to that right now).

It's not too long either.

Also-just use the search feature here, type out a word that you have in your mind, see what threads pop up.
There is a GREAT thread on communication-link in the "golden nuggets" section. There are actually A LOT of links in there (thanks to Ygirl) for different VERY interesting and helpful threads.
Just browse it-might help get you thinking "outside of the box".
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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