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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Three heads will never function the same as two. It just won't.
I just got reminded of this "proverb":

"To really be safe, always carry a bomb on the airplane. The chances of there being one bomb are pretty small, but the chances of two bombs are minuscule. So, by carrying a bomb on the plane with you, the odds of being blown up or taken hostage are astronomically reduced."

It's like a corollary or something when applied to relationships:

"The chances of finding a partner who is compatible with ONE of you is pretty small; but the chances of finding a partner who is compatible with BOTH of you is almost minuscule. So, by carrying the expectation that this will be an "equal triad", the odds of having that actually HAPPEN are astronomically reduced."

I hope you liked that broken-record, too.
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