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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Getting ready to go meet someone for a second date in a little while. We're having drinks together. He left town for business shortly after our first date and contacted me as soon as he got back to arrange to meet again. Finally, someone who is proactive in letting me know he is interested!

He is so very sexy. Looking forward to the smooching...
So, where can I read about this date, now that you no longer have your blog?

I'm experiencing all sorts of different emotions these days. Sadness about saying goodbye to the way a relationship was, with hope for a new beginning. Very deep and loving feelings for my husband. And major excitement because an article I wrote on my poly life just got accepted in a major {my country} magazine! It won't be published until late fall.... but it's a really big deal for me. It's a very open and honest account of my present poly life. Seeing this in print will be.... amazing.
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