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Oh!!! and with all that love stuff, I forgot to mention the most important bit of news.... drumroll please....

I submitted an article on spec to a major magazine in my country. I'm a published writer of articles and columns, but they have been mostly about another subject. I've recently started writing about more personal stuff, including my poly life, and wrote this piece that I submitted (after they had said they would be interested, without committing themselves).

They took a LOOOONG time in getting back to me, but I finally got word they're gonna publish it, and pay me good money for it, too
They won't publish until late fall, but it's very very exciting. This is a serious publication that I will get exposure in.

Well I say 'I' but it will be my alter ego. It will be published under an alias. I have very few secrets, but it's a very honest account of my life, which would be uncomfortable for other people. Anyway I don't care, the people who matter will know it's me (as will anyone who has ever read something by me, because I have a very distinctive writing voice - in my own language I mean) .

So, YAY!!!!!!!
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