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Default Commitment Ceremonies/Weddings

Hey all,

I found an old thread on this topic (2010ish), but haven't seen anything more recent.

My husband and I have proposed to our girlfriend of one year. (she said yes! ) We are in the midst of trying to plan a ceremony, but we have nothing. C (husband) wants something more traditional. He thinks it will make it more real for those in attendance. W (fiance) would prefer a getaway on a beach or something. I would prefer something somewhere in the middle.

Questions I have:
1. What kind of readings are recommended? (None of us are religious.)
2. What kinds of vows do you suggest?
3. Does anyone have any unique commitment traditions they would recommend?
4. What about appearance? (I know this one is silly, but what would they three of us wear? Do we have anybody stand with us as a wedding party?)

I'm really just fielding the internet for suggestions, so any help is appreciated!

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