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BOOKMARKS: Jealousy and Time management.

Things here are still crazy. Don't seem like it will change for a while.

In the midst of the busybusy, I wanted to jot down some things to think about and remember for later.

1) DH is great to talk to about jealousy.

I was telling him about a weird dream I had about an acquaintance kissing me. In the dream, Dream DH got stroppy about it. Dream Me asked him how was I supposed to know acquaintance would foist kissing on me? I didn't encourage it. I stopped it. And Dream Me asked Dream DH why he was going all stroppy when he wasn't going stroppy about Dream Crush kissing me before. Dream DH said it was because he was prepared for Dream Crush but not this.

That's more telling about my OWN ugh with "fear of the unknown weirdo" than actual DH jealousy.

But for the hell of it I told him about the dream and asked him about jealousy -- it was a great convo. We have to revisit that. But it was pretty funny when DH looked at my funny and said "Now why would Dream Me do THAT? That's not me."

2) Love is love. Time spent is something else. I wonder why some people don't think about time management as "budget." Because we're all on the same salary here -- 24 hrs in a day. Clock 8 hrs ish for work, 8 hours for sleep. The remaining 8 hours you spend on
  • travel to and from places
  • home tasks like cooking/cleaning up/bills/shopping
  • personal tasks like taking a shower/laundry/volunteering/hobbies
  • extra people/pet tasks (if you have them): tend to child, walk dog, deal with elders, etc.

THEN you have some free time. How much is that a day? There's your social wellness time. To spend for FUN (not chores/tasks) with the friends, family, and lovers.

What time you have free that you could SPEND. And WHEN because depending on work shifts, the block of "spendable time" may come whole or in pieces and at certain times of the day.

Everyone you could date? Comes with a time price tag -- some people need lots of time and care, some people less time and care.

That be fun to think about some more. Time management as budget. Unlike disposable income, it doesn't sit around to be spent later. It's being spent all the time. 24 hrs a day. It's WHERE you choose to spend it doing WHAT.


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