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Originally Posted by DarkDuality View Post
I understand how they view the world. But I also recognize that it's just not for me.
Then what's the problem? Carry on being happy and monogamous.

Is this an Aspergers thing? I don't know much about it other than the social awkwardness part. Taking an outside opinion to heart to such a degree that it is "tearing doth mind and precious soul asunder, oh the whole of me doth break" is going to make your life pretty difficult.

Originally Posted by DarkDuality View Post
But I just feel like I'm being pressured into doing it. I'm even questioning my parents relationship, and they're together for 26 years. I'm not saying one is better than another, but it just feels like my way is broken.
While I would say you've got the response to hearing a different view point throttled WAAAAY to high, there is still value in hearing new ideas. It's nothing to be afraid of or that should literally rip you in half. It's just a new idea, consider it skeptically, ponder the assertions individually, then decide if you accept the proposition or not. THEN decide if you want to include it in your way of life.
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