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I posted on your other thread.
Reading here it sounds like V is much like GG.
We were best friends for 17 years. He's helped me raise my kids and has been in love with me the whole time.
I fell in love with him somewhere along the way.

Please go read the other thread where I wrote (I don't want to duplicate) and feel free to PM me if you want more info.
Also-just on a side note. Mono is a stand up guy with some KICK ASS advice-so if you are ever just stuck and trying to find a way to express something to your husband (who I assume is at least functionally mono at this time) ASK MONO. He's really good at that as he is IN a poly relationship, but he's not poly himself and he thinks mono, so he tends to know how to say things in a way that is more... receptable.... not sure that's a word, something a person who is new to poly and isn't sure would be more receptive too..
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