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Thanks Ry! Things feel good right now....just trying to keep the balance and slow my brain down when I feel imbalanced and get to the root of things. It's a good exercise for me not to over-talk every little feeling I'm having and find a way to deal with my shit internally.

This weekend FJ & I are going away to celebrate our 14th anniversary FJ booked a little cabin in NC for us, and I'm really excited. This of course means that my MIL will be coming into town to watch the kids....which I am less excited about. She is an evangelical with a capital E....and I find her less tolerable as I get older. But she loves my kids, and they'll have a blast with her.

I had a moment last night where I wanted to ask FJ to invite MD to the cabin for a night....but I thought better of it. Nurturing the one on one relationships is really important, and I really want to make sure I don't take it for granted. This means we won't see MD for over a week....but absence makes the heart grow fonder I suppose. Slow and steady wins the race
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