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Well. I was a serious serial monogamer... I would be completely happy in a mono relationship then end up meeting someone new usually strictly as friends. Then I would develop romantic feelings for this new person and while I was still completely in love with my current partner. I would start to doubt my feelings bc I had been led to understand that you couldn't love more than one person completly and would take my new feelings to mean that the current wasn't right for me...

This is where V comes in. V was at first my shoulder to cry on. The one that would do all the listening without judging me... After many countless hours of talking, V who was stuck in a mono marriage suggested reading about polyamory. He said he didn't know if it would be for me felt I should check it out.... Eventually V and I fell for each other and now that his wife has decided to move on, we've decided that our relationship is worth exploring.
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