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That was 1 person's opinion. I can understand why you are upset. I don't have Aspberger's but sometimes I take to heart the things other people say much more than I need to.

I'm poly & bi & am not going around saying that my lifestyle is superior. It's what makes me happy (and sometimes unhappy too). All relationships have their pros & cons. I honestly have many problems with monogamy (& always have) but that's based on my perspective & my experience & I'm not going to bash it. I know for some it works or is just plain necessary. If you like monogamy & it works for you, then keep doing it!

To me, monogamy or poly or whatever is about living an authentic life where you are true to yourself, your needs, your desires, your boundaries, etc. There is not a one-size fits all mentality when it comes to love & relationships. We all have our issues, our histories and our hang-ups, even poly people have hang-ups, some with big ones :-)

I recommend the book Sex at Dawn to everyone, it's a great read & explains the evolutionary foundation for being poly. Then again it also reminds us that even though our evolutionary foundation might be in poly, our psychology keeps us rooted in monogamy, which is perfectly fine if it makes you happy.
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