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The baby girl is lost. I won't go into detail why I am so confused and moved by this hard fate the parents have to experience. It feels wrong and threatening.


Lin and I had a poly related discussion. Or better: it was more along the lines of an open relationship of sorts. We were watching a show, where the mother of two grown children fell in love with another woman. All kind of reasons were brought up why she should or shouldn't pursue this love interest. In the end she left her husband. This sparked a conversation about my desire to be with a woman (whenever this may come into being ...)

Lin wasn't thrilled to say the least. While both of them (Sward and Lin) like to tease me about my feelings for my literary studies professor, he is totally against me having some kind of a relationship with another woman. Or in general: against me having any other kind of relationship. While talking about it, I realized that I am mainly interested in the general experience. I honestly don't know if I would be able to maintain three 'primary' relationships and the thought of it doesn't excite me much.

I am unsure where this will ever lead to and if it leads somewhere at all, but Lin said that he could handle some kind of one night stand/FWB arrangement. I guess, it was beneficial that we talked about it. I don't think that there will be any 'prospects' (weird word in this context ) any time soon, but it is always good to peak about things on our mind freely.

I haven't explicitly talked to Sward about this, but my last information was that he is rather excited if this would come true. Just like he was/is about Lin and my relationship and the physical aspect of it (even though that part cooled down significantly).


Another happy thing to mention happened around Lin's birthday. We normally meet and sing for the "birthday child" and Lin was present during the other birthdays we celebrated so far since he moved here, but we never sung for him. He got presents but in the 'normal' fashion. This time my mother came to me to ask when we would like to sing our birthday song for him to coordinate the time with the rest of the family. I was surprised.

She: "When do you plan to sing today?"
Me: "Sing what?"
She: "Isn't it Lin's birthday?"
Me: "Yes it is, but do you want to sing for him?"
She: "Well yes of course, we sing for everybody!"
Me: "No, we didn't the first year he moved here."
She: "Oh, I didn't know about it then."
Me: "Do you really WANT to sing for him? You know what I mean."
She: "He is part of the family."

I just smiled. She finally made her peace with 'Us', as it seems. The singing itself was bit unusual later on. Sward couldn't refrain from making faces behind my back while all of us surrounded Lin to sing him a happy birthday. What made Lin unable to maintain a serious face, even though he tried, what lead to him turning totally red during the song. (And it's a long song ) None of us stayed absolutely focused, but it was fun. And an important step for most of us. (I guess that my siblings weren't thinking about the meaning of it.)
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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