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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
I know a couple successful triads the key to their success seems to be that one member of the couple dates the individual first. They form a successful relationship then the other member of the couple is SLOWLY brought in and then forms their own seperate relationship with the individual. Dating as a couple works as well as playing the lottery for a retirement plan.
I assume it just tends to be too demanding a situation or undesirable to other people in other forms? I'm trying to understand the other point of view so I can clue in on the why of it.

Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Why do you feel the need to share a person. Why not share the experience of each of you exploring relationship with separate individuals.
My wife will have to speak for herself (she's likely to open an account to mitigate confusion if she wants to respond -- I'll probably encourage her to!), but this question doesn't make sense to me entirely. I want a relationship where we're all connected, that's what appeals to me. I can see why other people would enjoy V's and other setups, but it doesn't click much for me. It'd probably be like someone asking why you're not monogamous, if that makes sense? Just not what appeals to me on a base level.

That's probably an awful explanation, but it's my best shot at the moment!
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