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Default Tearing Mind and Soul Apart

Greetings, I'm new here. First I want to say I am monogamous, but I'm having a large issue and wanted to post here for advice.

Let me start by saying I have Asperger's, meaning social interaction is not really my sort of thing. That said, I had a discussion with someone who was polyamorous. It did not end well. He went on saying that polyamory is superior, for reasons I don't quite remember. But what happened was that it ended up making my way to love feel broken. I felt extremely sad. I don't have anything against other people who are polyamorous. I believe that every person is different, each with a different way that makes us happy. I'm fine with how people choose to pursue happiness, as long as they don't belittle or infringe on other's happiness.

But this gives me little solace. The more I read about it, the worse I feel. The studies just seem to reinforce that my love is broken. It's almost made me break down and cry, and my mind is tearing apart. It feels like I'm being forced to go into a relationship style that does not feel right to me.

I just want thoughts on this, advice please.
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