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Default Thank you

Thank you for the welcomes and the responses.

He and I have discussed polyamory, and I feel like he does have a good understanding of it. However, I respect and understand that he prefers the relationship we currently have. I would never ask him to be someone he is not or push my new ideas on him. But, I will definitely open the discussion again and I feel I can safely explore my feelings with him.

I would say at this point I am unsure of what my long term needs are. But, the thought of losing him would be devastating for me. I may not be 100% satisfied in life, but I've never personally met anyone who is either. I even feel selfish for possibly wanting more. I don't even know what exactly I'm missing. I'm still trying to sort it all out and I hope to do that here by reading what other people have gone through and their thought process, especially early on through the initial confusion. Anyway, thanks again for the responses. More to talk about and more to think about.
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