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Originally Posted by ChaiLatteWriter View Post
By the by, I was curious about polyamorous views on this because I'm coming at it from a monogamous standpoint. I'm polycurious right now, but I was raised to think of monogamy when determining who to have sex with and why.
What an engaging discussion... love the spirited opinions.

To be honest I totally understand. I was 22 yrs old until I had sex the first time, to whom eventually become my wife. I wanted to wait until I found "the one" as well and I was lucky it happened the way I had planned. Out of all my friends I was the only virgin left. Until last year my wife was the only person I ever had sex with.

For me your comment of waiting 2-3 years is perplexing... when you eventually find that person, I bet my left nut it will be a MUCH shorter time frame.

However, you being Polycurious is curiosity itself. You are very well spoken by the way... way to go in getting a fun topic started :-)
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