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Default Intresting....

So last night our gf was messing around with my husband and talking about getting another boyfriend. it really bugged him. me and him have had this talk before. he is not comfortable with either of us having a bf. for me its ok. I actually have no desire to have a bf. I actually kinda have a desire to have a gf and he is ok with that. so last night on our way home from her house she tells him she wants to talk to him. uh oh. that's a scary thing. who knows what she is gonna say. she says its nothing bad but she does have some questions. im soo curious as to what these questions are.

so again this morning me and him talked again and he tells me he would not be comfortable with either of us having a gf and he would be jealous. I told him feeling jealous? it makes me sad and glad at the same time that he would feel this. sad because of course I don't want him to feel like that. but at the same time im kinda glad he is feeling it. because I explained to him that this is how I feel. so maybe he will understand how im feeling and we can better cope with it.

So last night we had a bit of a argument and I explained to him sometimes I just want him to hold me and kiss me. I know he loves me very much and would never leave me. I just need him to show me. so in the middle of the night I woke up to him holding me very tight. and omg it felt sooo good. I just cant explain how good it felt. maybe he is finally getting it? I really hope so.

There are only good things to come. we might have our ups and downs but every relationship does no matter how many people are in it. We just need to learn from it and move on.

hope everyone has a good week!!!
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