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Originally Posted by kittenkittykat View Post
SIt was one thing when she asked if she could pass a newborn off to Family as her's because we are not public to family but to suggest that my child call her mommy and me by the name that their daughter calls me made me feel like ripping her throat out. What I am having trouble with is she thinks I am ok with lying to my child. Family resemblances are very strong on my side of the family and my child won't look a dang thing like her and I would never telll my child I am not his or her mother.
So this is really to perpetuate a lie because you're not all out? In order to maintain the facade, the child would have to be brought up believing that SHE is the mother, in case something accidentally leaks?

Would she raise her own daughter in the dark to propagate a lie? If not, why on Earth would she expect you to? If so, then I pity her daughter.
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