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All right, I'm gonna see if I can make this my last reply.

Yes, I said I would wait a few years, so I did go back on my own word. Several years is my timeframe because that's how long my serious relationships have lasted before other issues got in the way.

I still think it depends on the person I'm with, but in general, I want to know the relationship has a solid foundation that won't crack when there is a big issue, related to the bedroom or not. I would prefer a solid foundation be a few years, because I'm not casual about romance. If I love the person a lot, I can be flexible on my timeframe, but I also want to avoid new love and lust clouding my decisions. And to me, it's comparable to any part of a relationship. I wait until I like someone before going on a date. I wait until I have some romantic feelings before I start kissing and cuddling with them. And I'll wait until we've been together a while and I trust them before I have sex.

Waiting before I have sex with a person, my first time or not, is just something I feel I should do. Like I said, I have wonderful relationships with plenty of affection, and I'm up front with sex discussions. I'm not hiding anything or trying to test people.

And I'll say again, I was curious about opinions in general, so please don't drag my personal choices into this.
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