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Originally Posted by Eponine View Post
I think the media representations of polyamory contribute to this misconception. This article about "polynormativity" is spot on (if it's too long for you, jump to the fourth point: "Polyamory is heterosexual(-ish). Also, cute and young and white. Also new and exciting and sexy!"). Also, the media seems to be especially interested in the group marriage kind of polyamory (even though it's not the most common arrangement), so that combined with the emphasis on sex leads to the common assumption poly = group sex.
That's a great article. I love articles that make you think. I seem to have ended up unwittingly in this poly model, but not by choice. I just happen to have met my husband and got married before I realised I was poly. I'm very glad I read this article. Hopefully I can avoid the pitfalls.

I actually got approached via private message by someone from the British Press Association, about an article on poly lifestyle. They specifically wished to speak to couples, surprise surprise! I didn't respond because I don't wish to speak to the media about my life. Now I'm doubly glad I didn't, as they clearly have a polynormative model in mind.

Kim xxx.
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