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Originally Posted by london View Post
But, they have the ability to feel romantically for someone they do not have sex with. I don't. Many people don't. So a relationship without sex would only ever be a friendship.
I was not making an argument about what you need to be in a romantic relationship. You've made your list of requirements known. I'm sure that "many people" would not consider any relationship which did not involve penis-in-vagina penetration. You and "many people" are entitled to live your lives how you would like.

I was making an argument that the OP is not doing anything unreasonably selfish by deciding what she does with her body any more than you and "many people" are.

Originally Posted by london View Post
Tl;dr - that suggests to me that you can love people you're not fucking, I can't, so they'd only ever be a friend.
For you and "many people", but this in no way supports your assertion that the OP is being unreasonably selfish or that she is treating her vagina as some kind of trophy.

Originally Posted by Mag
Well, actually, Marcus, the "sex negativity" in this thread more comes from the OP than from london. In my opinion.
So wait, deciding not to have sex for a period of time into a relationship is sex negative? That is, a period of time which would appear to be too long for "many people" as outside viewers.

I didn't realize it meant you HAD to have sex with people in the allotted time period. Just so I'm clear, because I'm sex-positive, how long to I need to wait before I start calling my new girlfriend unreasonably selfish and shame her into having sex with me if she doesn't offer it up? Should I tell her she's being childish and using her vagina as a trophy on our first date? I just want to make sure I'm doing it according to the rules.
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