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Originally Posted by london View Post
I need sex in all my romantic relationships or they are not romantic relationships.
How selfish of you to DEMAND that someone who is in a romantic relationship with you want to have sex with you! How dare you DENY them the ability to not have sex with you!!

Kidding aside, this whole 'selfish' thing can quite literally be thrown at every preference every person has. I don't see it as adding any value to a discussion.

Originally Posted by london View Post
I'd argue that the vast majority of people with a high libido need sex in their romantic relationships.
Again, this is a monogamous problem. I am polyamorous and therefore do not demand that everyone I am romantic with sate my needs exactly according to my formula. You and I have gone round and round about this before so I'm just saying it out loud one last time for the lurkers.

Polyamory allows more flexibility in this regard. People are wonderfully varied and I have the opportunity to sample from them what they would like to offer me. I do not control what they offer me nor make demands on them, I just enjoy what they instinctively give. Should I feel that something in particular is lacking in my life I am free to seek it elsewhere while still enjoying what my other partners offer me freely and naturally.

If I have a hard limit for what a person must offer me in order for me to enjoy them then that is MY limitation... not theirs.

Originally Posted by london View Post
You are asking them to deny their needs to meet yours which are based on some bullshit about your vagina being a trophy.
Her vagina is a trophy now because she doesn't offer it up? I hope the OP has enough sense to ignore this sex-negative garbage.
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