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As usual things are a mixed bag. Normally this is cool with me but lately it feels like two steps forward one step back.

Gamerboy and I are at a frustrating stand still. I say I'm done, I've been done for a long time, the damage's been done, I can't, won't, do it again, (can you tell I'm done?). His response is always the same. It'll be different. I won't be possessive and controlling, etc, etc, etc. I don't want all of your time, all of your attention, all of you, just some. I repeat that I've given and he's taken until I was starving and I'm so freaking done. We've had this conversation once or twice a week for the last ten weeks and I could just scream. There's an expiration date for this little dance and the shared household and it seems that we're racing toward it.

My new friend is a pretty traditional, mono, person which worries me a little but he's also funny, cute and easy to hang out with. We're supposed to go a party with a bunch of his friends on Saturday and I'm freaking out a little. Yeah for insecure moments, ugh.
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