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Originally Posted by MrSteve View Post
I'm just curious if there was some reason you might have felt threatened by this other woman.

For me and my wife the main things I can think of that might cause a problem for our marriage would be 1) if somehow I bumped into some absoutely incredible woman who seriously tried to pull me away from my wife (this is something that seems unlikely ... I already did a lot of "shopping" finding my wife and we have, other than some rough periods, a very good relationship, 2) if a long term relationship with more commitments developed that initially went without major problems but later some conflict between her and my wife occurred, then it would be harder to resolve or 3) if my wife simply opposed any and all female company for me (that would be a tough one and I think in the long run would cause ongoing conflict in our marriage).

Anyway, I hope my two cents worth was actually worth two cents. I also wish you well, and again it seems like the major issue is in knowing what specifically causes the conflict for you (is it her specifically or just any woman) and seeing if you can work with your husband to resolve it.
If not to the OP, your two cents were worth it for me! My husband is an insatiable flirt, and that doesn't bother me in the slightest. He meets girls online sometimes, and I occasionally feel threatened by them when I get the impression they're looking for "something more" than he's planning to give. But when I get rational about it, I know that no other woman could come between what we have, and those feelings go away.
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