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Default wow so much to think over

Ok well I am not at a financial place where I can move out. Dating the husband would never be allowed. I am sexually attracted to both of them. I am not allowed (by her rules) to act on that with either of them alone. She doesn't have a strong sex drive as he and I do. She is more about the cuddling/snuggling. I provide that as does he on a regular basis either her and him or her and I. She is not very comfortable with this moving into a true triad. I am talking to her this evening because I can live there in their gargage apartment but I will have to end the sexual relationship with them. It is emotionally confusing and hurtful. She doesn't seem to grasp that I love them both and I want to develop a relationship with them both together and seperately. She says her opinion of this may change in time but my heart can't take much more.
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