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How about asking wife for the OTHER side of the limitations?

You CANNOT date from family / church type connections. You CAN date from..... where? Online dating like OKC? Singles events/mixers? What if you met the person bowling but it turns out they ALSO go to your church? They get tossed out?

How comfortable is she with you dating really? Or are these parameters in place not to just minimize you guys being "outed" but to minimize it happening at all?

I think dating a KNOWN person who is less likely to be a nutjob than some total stranger is better. Because I've been casual friends already for a while doing those activities and I know how they behave/carry themselves somewhat.

Maybe you guys could read resources together? This is just one link.

Something has to end for something else to begin.
  • Either you change these "no family/church connections" parameters (that ends) so that you can meet people within those zones to date. (something can begin)
  • Or you change your time management (end spending time only at work/family functions) to free up time to be in another zone to meet someone there.(something can begin). Take up lessons of some kind that you like -- tennis, music, whatever it is.

You have to make a space for something to arrive into. Not just the emotional space -- which is seems you guys have done somewhat.

But space in other areas of life too.


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