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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
The OP has not said they are asexual. They were already asked that by Mags. Please pay attention.

Just because you are asexual doesn't mean everyone who is a virgin is also asexual.
I didn't say they were. Neither have they said they weren't. Maybe a bit more attention from your side would be in order.

Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Maybe YOU just haven't met anyone who gets you horny YET either.
Perfectly possible, just as perfectly possible that maybe you haven't realized YET that you actually don't like sex and just go along with it to blindly fulfill society's expectations. Or you're a zoophile who just haven't found the right goat YET to turn you on in a way no human ever could. etc.pp.

Where's the worth in such speculations?

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