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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
The OP probably just hasn't met anyone they want to fuck, or get naked with, or touch their naughty-bits, etc., YET. When they do meet someone they're wicked hot for, THEN see if they wait 2 or 3 years before they Have Sex.
As an asexual I'd like to add that's if, not when. Some folks just don't feel "the hots", for anybody ever. I'm pretty sure by now I'm one of these, at 39 years and being with a really awesome gal for five years and running, without feeling any inclination to do the "beast with two backs" with her, despite her being easy on the eyes and the best friend and partner I could imagine.

As for the OP... well, I'm not gonna try a wager on whether they're asexual. That's not my place to say at all. Just saying that even with the explanations given, their story sure doesn't sound like something you couldn't have read in the asexual community, word for word. Lots of aces masturbate. Some of them masturbate a lot.

But yes, I still basically agree. If the OP ever comes to feel that way for someone, then I'd find it rather unlikely that such a "wait 2-3 years" plan could work out... and I couldn't relate to why one would consider it necessary to resist the desire if they do feel it.
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