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Originally Posted by ChaiLatteWriter View Post
I'm going to quote this whole thing and answer each part, because I don't mind sharing and talking about this topic is nice.
Well, good. I didn't want you to feel shocked or insulted by my questions. I respect you are only 18, and a late bloomer for this day and age.

Personally I do not believe in soul mates and since youre interested in poly, I am surprised to hear you say you do. Maybe you have 15 soul mates in your future?

I'm eighteen, for reference. I actually have a very high libido, as far as playing with myself goes. I masturbate almost every day, and have for the last few years. And I like intimacy with a partner such as hugging and kissing-- I'm very open to physical interaction.

I don't think I have an issue with trust, per se. I grew up well adjusted with a nice family. My parents never talked about sex, so it was a bit of an ethereal concept until I started exploring my own body. The reason I think I prefer to have a long term partner before I consider sex is because I'm incredibly romantic. I loved fairy tales, having a destined soul mate, and was told to wait for the right person before having sex, so the idea of trusting someone heart and soul before trusting them with my body has become important.
Well, seems you'd trust them with your mouth, your boobs, just not your pussy, hm?

I consider sex as a whole to be comprised of a lot of different parts that can all be thought of as sex. I don't claim to define it for anyone else but, to me, sex would be direct contact with another person's genitals, be it with my own genitals or other parts of my body, which I have yet to experience. Things like making out, breast play, touching above the waist are all fine by me.
What if your partner got real aroused from hours of kissing and sucking your tits and started rubbing his cock on your hip or crotch (if he's a guy)? Would dry humping be OK, or would you kick him to the curb? Dry humping with 2 layers of denim between you? Dry humping in underpants? Blue balls and accusations of being a cock tease might be tossed your way if you continued in month after month of making out, tit play and nothing else.

I wouldn't limit my dating to people with low sex drives or who are asexual. I think, once I start engaging in sex, it'd be something I'd take part in with enthusiasm and eagerness, considering my masturbation habits. I like learning about sex in any aspect, even things I probably wouldn't try myself, just because I think it's interesting. I suppose as far as play with other people, I'd be open to anything that didn't involve direct genital contact, which like I said is how I define sex. I probably draw the line at seeing them entirely naked, depending on how committed and involved I am with that person.
I remember when I was 15-16 I was into long makeout sessions, fingering and hand jobs, but no fucking... once I learned more about birth control though, I started in with the fucking. Didn't matter if I was "in love" or just in lust with a cute person, I wanted the whole enchilada.

In short, I'm very sex positive and open to a lot of things. My desire to keep my virginity is a combination of romantic ideals and an apprehension about sharing something as personal as my body with another person. Thanks for the questions, they made me think a bit.
Once again, your mouth and breasts are parts of your body. You just have really high standards for who can touch your genitals. "Mr Right," or "Ms Right" if you're gay or bi.

I mean, I don't fuck on the first date, but I have had sex with "Mr Right Now" while looking for "perfection" in a mate. But I like when a partner gives me orgasms, it's more fun than masturbation.
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