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Talked with Woodsmith. He's going to find counseling in regards to what he's done (and the five previous things) and we will be doing couples counseling to help me re-build trust.

So how bout something positive. Primal and I are going splendidly. Recent development is starting to dabble a bit into M/S. Basically he is not just my boyfriend but my lord, dragon, owner, and master (I use any of those endearments) while I'm his lady, princess, pet, and slave (match with the order of his). He's also told me that he will be my protector because I am his charge and it is his responsibility to his charge to make sure she is safe.
Cattiva: Me
Woodsmith: My husband
Tighearn: boyfriend/dom
Merry: Tig's wife/slave
N8: Merry's boyfriend/owner
Elle: N8 girlfriend
Ruby: Part of the Leather Family
Logan: Leather Sir in the Family
Arc: Logan's boy
Holly: Leather family
K: Holly's sub
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