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Seems no matter what plans I put down, I will never follow them for long.

Lately though, I've been feeling way more productive than usual. I've been doing quite a bit more music than I usually get myself to do. I've especially been doing a whole lot of sketching and general image work. Even started a new Linux tinkering project, with the likes of Arch. Exciting!

So as terrible as I am at following even my own guidelines, I'm feeling rather good about how much I'm doing. and not at all feeling burnt out from it.

I have a feeling that a large part of it, has been to do with cutting down on gaming.
Not by active choice. But I've felt myself not really finding much new and exciting in terms of gaming. I'm sure that'll kick up near the end of the year, when all the new toys come out, but for now, I'm a little bored with most of it.
So I've found myself throwing myself into my other great loves, of just being a big kid, and creating a mess with everything.

Speaking of being a big kid, I have also been feeling a little more social recently. Only a few weeks ago, I went and visited a new friend, who I'd never met in person before, but who I had a lot of mutual friends with. We got along rather well with chatting over facebook, and a lot of the same interests, and views. Her, and her general social circle were the first poly people I knew of in my city, which is a bonus.

Anyways, on our meetup, it was a great, intimate get-together. Just me, her, and her 2 year old daughter. Also met her [primary?] partner later on in the day. Had more great chatting, this time in person. Listened to some really nice Jazz [really surprising, as she's really quite the Punk]. She even made a rather tasty vegan lunch, which I was greatly thankful for.
Ended most of the end of the day [being big kids] and playing with Lego.

I definitely hope to hang about again, and hopefully gain a good, strong friendship. It's rare I enjoy being social, but some people just bring it out of me.
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