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I don't have a lot of suggestions, just one caution.
Be careful about labeling something as "the end" or "final".

Too often we (as people) assume something is "the end" when in fact it is just "a long pause".

As an odd twisted example-

My grandfather married young. They had two children, a boy and a girl. The girl died of an illness. The grief tore them both apart and they weren't prepared to deal with it. They divorced. She remarried and her husband adopted the little boy.
My grandfather remarried. He had my dad and my uncle with his second wife. They were married 25 years and then divorced.
My grandfather remarried the grandmother I knew him with. They were married 25 years and then she died.

Six months after the death of his 3rd wife, 50+ years after his first divorce, he remarried his first wife, reconnected with his first son (and grandchildren). They were blissfully happy together until death.

EVERYONE thought their divorce was "the end" and yet-50+ years later it came back around and low and behold, they were madly in love and happy together.
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