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Wow Mon-
that's awesome. I really like that explanation.

I think I define intimacy (not well) as being close to someone internally. Feeling safe, secure and confident of myself and of their SELF and my knowledge of it.
An openness to one another that allows transperancy and understanding of each other fully (including flaws).
A sense of being intwined or interconnected internally (like the energy that Mon speaks of). This DEFINITELY is factored by trust. The higher the trust, the deeper the intimacy.

I have many relationships that I experience intimacy in (generally non-sexual) and two that I experience it in sexually.

With Maca, it manifests A LOT now in the bathtub. We sit, we talk and we just "learn" one another... It's a time of "joining" our souls, our minds, our hearts.
"Love As Thou Wilt"

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