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Default Wafer thin!?

Confession: I've started using OkCupid. I really just thought of it as one way to meet likeminded people in a new city, but although I tried my best to project my intention of friendship only... there are some lovely wimmins out there, shucks!

One in particular who I've met a couple of times so far. I'm a little bit... mm... *shuffles feet*

She dropped me off at the train station today and my goodbye hug had strong preferences for being a goodbye kiss.

May need to skill up on the art of cultivating bonsai relationships

Current strategy is to keep it gentle, relish any tension, be light-handed and ride whatever comes... That's my ideal posture towards many things in life, really, but I don't always achieve it.

Waves build of their own accord and decide if and when to break. I'll be here with my surfboard <3
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