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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
The folks who posted before me pretty much covered the bases - it is totally possible to be poly and a virgin. Uncommon, maybe, but certainly possible.

Feel free to ignore this as your question has been answered and I am asking out of my own curiousity - what does virginity mean to you?

It took me much longer than my peers to have sex but that was not a completely conscious choice - rather a combination of introversion and an utter inability to recognize flirting. So I am curious about folks who decide to be virgins consciously and thoughtfully.
Thanks for the reply, I'd be happy to answer your own question.

I'm fairly young and so being a virgin isn't completely surprising for someone my age, but I keep my virginity because I was raised to think of sex as a special and intimate act for someone you truly care about. At first I thought this meant marriage, and it seemed an easy way to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancy anyhow. I'm glad I didn't get into the mess that is sex during high school-- too confusing and too much peer pressure.

Now that I'm older, I know marriage isn't required for sex to be special and full of meaning, but I still want to wait until I've been with someone several years and trust them completely before I think about engaging in sex with anyone.

That's the simple answer, though I could rant for ages on sex and virginity and how I perceive it.
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