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Damn. I wrote a post last night but I see it didn't go through. Ah well. I am writing it again.

Seems my okc mono friend has bailed on me. He had a hard time with my referencing his astrological sign and had a gut feeling about getting to know me. I suspect he had a hard time with my lifestyle choices of raising LB with two men as he told me if I want to be appealing as a partner I should live alone, have joint custody of LB and be celibate for awhile. He thought it strange to be entertaining the thought of monogamy with someone under my circumstance. That being the offer of being monogamous with me but keeping our living situation here.

I don't see how his suggestions are going to benefit me or LB or the guys in any way that is better. I'm not planning on going anywhere. Dating outside of my family monogamously doesn't seem possible as far as he was concerned. I'm not attached to it, just looking at all the options. There is something not right in my life and unturning every rock to find it is important I think. He was part of the rock turning.

I'm not very upset about his saying goodbye. I liked him and we had good chat. I will miss that. It was early days yet though so I suspect the missing will peter out soon enough.
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