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Originally Posted by LadyMacbeth View Post
It is a completely new experience for me to have a relationship in which we love each other deeply and passionately, have amazing sex, and love each other's company...but have to part ways because of goals. I know it is the healthy, compassionate, and loving thing to do. I also am grieving.
I think that grieving this loss is perfectly understandable. Knowing that there is this loving foundation there but that you can not really fully explore it because of those different bottom-lines is hard, but it sounds like you all approached this realisation and transition phase in a very mature way.

I have had at least two of my loving relationships ended because of differing goals (they were both mono, wanted to give poly a try but realised after a while that it wasn't for them). Grieving is natural and important - it's not something that should be just shrugged off, as I have seen other do, or advise to do in situations like this.

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