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Such a thing wouldn't appeal to me in the least as a participant, but I might want to attend as an observer, if I thought I'd feel welcome.

I've found that the people I've met who label themselves as "sex-positive" are quite dogmatic and judgmental. They seem to disapprove of anyone who isn't into every possible sexual act there is, and who might have a preference that excludes one thing or another. Heaven forbid you are not into kink or tantra. Or if you're straight. It's like they think if you're not into "anything goes," you're uptight and narrow-minded, and they pity you. That's why I always call that crowd "so-called sex-positive." I don't consider them very positive or welcoming in general. Maybe that's just how it is in New York?

I prefer the way things used to be, when people truly were positive about sex without slapping a label on how they are or making it into an identity. <shrug>

I'd be interested to read your update on how it went.
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