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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Last night I was hanging with a poly friend that I thought for sure was invited to the party and it turns out he wasn't and I let the cat out of the bag... oops.

I hate this secrecy thing that is going on around it. It just isn't sitting right. Not to mention that there are people going that are not a part of our regular group and I was told that it was all people we knew so what was the big deal, we should be at the point where we are comfortable enough to be sexual with each other.

There has been some discussion about the possibility that we are not ready but could be pushed a bit to see if people are interested in sex as a group.
To me this seems like a very odd dynamic. And lots of rumours and little on facts of what is actually going to happen.

I think people need to go into things like this with expectations firmly set - you don't really want a surprise in something like this - especially not one that may violate your boundaries.

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