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You said in the post before this "Am I wrong in taking this to a level where it's between me and her? Should he do something instead?"
No (obviously I think that or I wouldn't have said what I said), and Yes - but it seems to be getting clearer he wont so the ball is in your court.

Its possible she doesn't want to meet you, and its possible she said months ago that she wasn't sure she wanted to meet you and he took that as a final statement and wouldn't ever think of bring it up again to check in with how she was doing and if she'd changed her mind.

If you take it out of his hands, at least HE might be able to focus on how he is treating you instead of distracting with what he thinks Molly wants or thinks. I imagine it comes down to if you are trying to decide if you should keep him in your life based around what he does or doesn't do in regards to this situation. You've asked for what you wanted, and other than some dramatic ultimatum there's not much else you can do. You seem pretty sure that if she's not ever going to be comfortable with you as his partner, that knowing that will change things, and probably end your relationship with C.

I cant' remember if you've mentioned if you've met other people he's dated - but I know this has been an issue for awhile and every time you think you've taken a step forward together on the same page, you find yourself backsliding and realizing that you're still not getting what you would like, or what you think he said he would give you. (note - might be projecting a bit from struggles I've had about being compartmentalized in one of my partner's lives.) I know that trying to figure out if you should keep a mostly rewarding but markedly flawed in one area relationship is something very hard to get clarity on, and I imagine if you're struggling with that - contacting Molly and seeing how he responded after that it would help provide some of that for better or worse.
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