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Your cat sounds lovely. I think it's so good to have important relationships with non-humans.

I have been having a busy and interesting time lately. Much of it connecting with a new friend of mine - we travelled to a weekend conference together in for a subject that we are both professionally involved with at the end of May and then I spent a large chunk of last weekend at her house. Felt very good. My friend and I met professionally but over time have become friends which is something I'm very happy about.

Another friend of mine joined us for the conference and it was lovely to see both of my friends get on so well together.

I have also managed some time with another friend who has become incredibly busy through her work and is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain friendships - she's just too busy at work. I think the world of her and she was incredibly supportive during the time my dad was dying so it felt lovely to spend time with her.

Today I caught up with one of my oldest friends who is similarly always busy at work and is training for a marathon in her spare time. We both make an enormous effort to keep our friendship going because it is so important to us.

And I was at a second 2 day conference with my SO - subject that interests me but that he is professionally involved with. I was a bit concerned about it because it was stuff I don't know much about and I worried that either I'd be left on my own lots or that my presence would ruin it for my SO because he would feel that he had to look after me.

Thankfully that didn't happen. I managed to find loads of people to talk to. And the folk that my SO was working with were incredibly welcoming and warm toward me so I had a wonderfully interesting time.

C and I have spent loads of time together too recently. Lots of walks, hanging out, lunches and dinners together.

Things are mostly good just now.
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