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I am so sad today. A mother (probably) lost her baby girl, she was two days old. It is such a shock I am really speechless and can not find the right words. It looks like SIDS; they tried to reanimate her for three minutes, but her brain seems to be dead by now.

Everything about this case remembers me of the possible end Lin could be facing later on. He has been dead for 16 minutes already last time and would not survive such a blow (a reanimation) a second time. He does not want to "survive" with the help of machines while his soul or whatever you can call the spirit of a person is already gone and I know that this is the way it is going to be, but it is so hard to think about it.

Life goes on and it is so ridiculous to watch Sward renovating our kitchen to make our home more comfy, preparing everything for a possible child in our life while those parents suffer because of this tragedy. It makes me afraid of our futur right now. I can not help but see me in their shoes one day.
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