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Originally Posted by Creatress View Post
Because in a mono relationship, you can get away without the level of trust in your partner and emotional self-awareness, communication skills, etc. You can--it's better if you have them, of course, but you can manage without. Poly relationships pretty much don't work without these things.

I don't find that to be a different "dynamic" between mono and poly relationships, I find that to be a function of the particular individuals involved in a relationship.

I don't see a relationship as "working" if you are "getting away without trust, awareness and communication". I see it as "limping".

These things you describe are not fundamentally peculiar to a TYPE of relationship. They are essential components to ANY healthy relationship.
You will not make a successful "mono" OR "poly" relationship if you lack basic trust and communication.

"Getting away with/without" is most often used when referring to a dishonest activity or destructive behaviour pattern, or some other kind of less-than-satisfactory scenario. You really think "getting away with/without" something in a relationship is good enough? There's the root of your problem right there.

Yes, I know that I don't know you and i don't know "how your life works". I've read all of your posts and you probably think that I'm "judging" and I don't have all the "facts". But I have read enough to be able to say without a doubt that you need to work on YOURSELF before you get involved in another relationship, especially since you have seen first-hand how these things can affect a child.

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