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Holy mother-effing moley... when it rains, it pours. Apparently, literally. I need to vent like crazy. Sorry for the unload, folks.

Been thinking about starting a blog thread, but haven't taken the time. Oh well.

Relationship has been going well. Had some metamour-related issues a couple weeks ago... she really wanted us to be close friends, sisterly even, and it's just not happening. We spend time together once in a while, but eh. No click. She thought that maybe if we kept trying, it'd happen. I felt like it was starting to become a bit pressured - that I wasn't getting close on the proper timetable, and I started getting put off and pulled back (exact opposite reaction than what she wanted). Big long conversation later, and it's now clear that it may never happen, and we'll put no expectations on our friendship. It's now much more relaxed, and I'm feeling pretty good about that. My relationship with my partner has been wonderful as well... We just celebrated an anniversary, and we've been kinda mooshy-gooshy since then.

Which is nice, because the rest of the world seems to be falling apart. Mom (who survived breast cancer after a mastectomy a few years back) has to go back in to get a lump and a swollen lymph node looked at. Sigh.

Sister is drifting, homeless, and (according to her BF) on meth. As crappy as it is, I do NOT want to have her come back and live with my mother when she's going to be dealing with oncologist appointments and the whole shebang.

I've had an abnormal pap, and I get to go in for a colposcopy in a few weeks in order to determine why.

And my partner's other home with his OSO is flooding like crazy, so after fixing my mother's brakes, he's now driving 1.5 hours to take care of the apartment from hell (luckily, they're moving within a week).


On the plus side, the kids have a busy weekend (dance recital, soccer tourney), so we'll have some fun stuff to distract us.

Sigh. I may have an extra brownie tonight. Or an extra beer. Mom's staying overnight. I may need one.

(Well, nevermind - she's eating all my brownies! GAH!)

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