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Everyone has emotions. Do you mean emotional flooding as a result of PTSD? Do you know NOT to engage for that 20 min window of WHOOOSH stuff? Is your spouse educated enough about PTSD and emotional flooding related to PTSD? Do you both know it isn't just you who has the PTSD but your spouse and kid are affected too?

What are your triggers?

How's your communication with wife?

Is wife meeting her responsibilities/obligations to you/the marriage/son? Or neglecting you because she's distracted with the new sweetie?

If this new med is making you feel worse, could you ask doc for a different one?

Your social wellness sounds poor -- could you work to make new friends? You seem you have a need for CONNECTION -- with wife or friends. You sound lonely over there. (COuld you have other needs?)

If you are lonely... You could accept that others around you aren't brainiacs like you. But making some friends with kids so you can toss a football around on family playdates is not rocket science. Making friends so you have babysitters so you get get OUT and have "dad breaks" isn't a bad thing either. Improves social wellness for both you and son perhaps.

Whether you are there 2 weeks or 6 mos... could work on it so that if it DOES turn out to be 6 mos you get some short term relief on some fronts even if not EVERYTHING is super stellar in all your areas that need attention. Could go for "less ugh" to start maybe?

Hang in there.


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