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Kiddo, Fly's son whom I've been parenting for almost 7 years, calls me by my first name, or sometimes introduces me as his "semi-stepmom." He reeeeeaaaally wants Fly and I to get married (I don't know how we've managed to raise such a little republican), and his carrot is that I can't be a real stepmom unless we walk the aisle. Too bad that will never happen!

Moonlight's daughter is older than I, and her granddaughter doesn't really talk much beyond baby babble yet. But we refer to me by my first name when I'm around her.

My parents had about 4 or 5 couples who were very close friends, and I called them all aunt and uncle. I still do, and refer to their kids as my cousins. It doesn't seem weird to me, but then again, I was never forced or told to call them that. It was all very natural and normal, and to this day I address my christmas cards to "Aunt Rosie and Uncle David" or whoever.

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